Leading Regtech for the digital transformation of Policies of Procedures. We are pioneers in the development of technology to script and measure the use of interactions between Chatbots and people.

Chatbots, Chatterbot, Artificial Intelligence or any other such related terminology is not a new concept or phenomenon. Chatbots are now “cool”, “hip”, “fun”, and more over functional. However, despite newsfeeds being awash with up-to-date detail of news and investments, it is still difficult to assimilate and pull together all the information in the fast growing industry of chatbots. Chatbot Insider has been set up by Freddie McMahon and John Rawlings, founders of Df2020, to invite comments and thoughts; to bring credible news stories in advancements or otherwise in the Chatbot arena together, in one place and to be used as a source of material with objectivity and a balanced evaluation of the “year of the bots” and beyond.

Freddie McMahon

Thought Leader and Co-founder of Df2020

John Rawlings

CEO and Co-founder of Df2020

Freddie McMahon is the co-founder of DF2020. Freddie’s know-how, coupled with his inherent wealth of knowledge and experience in innovative initiatives throughout his career, with emphasis on blending human intelligence with machine learning stands him in good stead to explore thoughts and learning for Chatbots in the corporate world. A pioneer and crusader to pass on his experiences and bring together impartial views.

Now that Chatbots have reached mainstream, Freddie believes the co-existence of people and Chatbots will lead to profound change, faster than most people realize.

John Rawlings is the CEO and co-founder of Df2020. Working alongside Freddie McMahon he is a highly motivated and executive business leader, advisor , mentor  and entrepreneur. He recognized quickly the potential and vision for Df2020 and its groundbreaking concept for UGIC to enable users to script, test and publish dialogue for Chatbots.